The Bull Market Was Not Over.

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According to the Blockchain center, we are not in altcoin season, and of course, we are in Bitcoin season.

We can see this by looking at Bitcoin’s performance in the last two weeks (50% up). …

You don’t need to count calories like a maniac.

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Losing body fat is pretty straightforward: eat fewer calories than you burn. However, the process is not as easy as said. Some people obtain a caloric deficit naturally by feeling full very fast with few calories.

I need a lot of food to feel satisfied (~1kg). Of…

Is body recomposition real?

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We all want to be lean and muscular — or at least toned. However, we are in a paradox because the two objectives require opposite approaches. At least, that is what the fitness industry says.

You know the bodybuilder cycle: bulking up during cold periods (off-season)…

You will always lose money.

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Romanian video version here.

Cars have become the manifestation of wealth. If a person owns a good-looking car or a specific brand, then that person is somebody important.

However, many people don’t have enough money to from month to month, but they have an expensive car…

Myth debunking.

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Everybody likes having a good-looking beach body, and this implies having a visible six-pack. The six-pack has become the proof of fitness. A person is not considered to be fit, especially men if they don’t have a six-pack.

It is kind of sad because people may…

Be your own superhero.

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There is no arguing that confidence is an important skill no so many people have. Heck, even I am still struggling with confidence from time to time. However, I found some tricks that work for me during dark times.

Here’s the deal; our inner state fluctuates…

Sanitize the world.

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Ever since this pandemic has begun, we have been bombarded with disinformation and professional health recommendations.

I don’t know if you noticed, but all recommendations have been focusing on hygiene. …

Walking vs. running vs. weight lifting

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I am not turning into one of those guys who promotes specific exercises for a greater fat loss. For what is worth, I think most of them are bullshit.

I am also talking about spot reduction. Does any of the ads: “10-minute Ab Workout To Melt…

Keep it simple

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I posted an article this year about the only three technical indicators we need to make profits. It turned out we only need one. Not only that, but this indicator provides a higher profit with a lower risk. Sounds too good to be true?

Join the…

Lose fat and heal at the same time.

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Most medics, nutritionists, specialists, and fitness coaches recommend eating three meals a day and two snacks. In other words, eat every three hours.

What if I told you this is the biggest bull-shit and stupidity we have ever heard and made since our human evolution?


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